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MBNA Downloader

MBNA Downloader is a Firefox extension that allows you to download the transactions for your MBNA MasterCard to MS Money (or Intuit Quicken) while they are still on the "snapshot" screen (so you don't have to wait for them to be archived to the "statement" screen at the end of the month).

Just install the extension, add the MBNA icon to your toolbar, and when you are viewing the "snapshot" screen you can click the icon to parse the transactions displayed on the screen.

If some of your transactions are archived to your "statement" screen before you've had a chance to download them, you can also click the icon on that screen, you'll just be prompted for your account balance since it is not displayed on that screen, and so not available for parsing.

NB: Once you use this extension you should stop using the "download data" feature on the "statement" screen.  If you do use it, your transactions will be doubled-up in MS Money, because different transaction ids are used and so MS Money won't realize they're duplicates.

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