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Gunshot is a port of the old BBS package Shotgun, which was open sourced back in 2000.  I work on it in my spare time when I don't feel like working on anything else, which pretty much means not that often.  It would be nice to finish it as some point though, because it really was a nice package.

Shotgun BBS Professional version 2 alpha 10.
Complete SVGA/ANSI/ASCII/RIP source of Shotgun Professional.
Bring the touch of high quality Super-VGA to your online service or BBS.
Everything is included that you would normally pay extra for:

    Front End Mailer Software
    TIC File Echo Processor
    Echomail processor
    Multiple Interface (SVGA/ANSI/TTY/RIP)
    Shotgun GUI Editor included!
    XModem/YModem/ZModem and much much more!
    Requires 540k of RAM, 1024k of EMS/XMS, SVGA monitor & mouse.

Gunshot on GitHub

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