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Gunshot is a port of the old BBS package Shotgun, which was open sourced back in 2000.  I ported it a few different times over the years, making varying levels of progress each time, and at some point I must have given up for good as I don't seem to have a copy of any of the source code anymore.  It looks like someone forked one of the attempts, so some of the code is still available on GitHub.

Shotgun BBS Professional version 2 alpha 10.
Complete SVGA/ANSI/ASCII/RIP source of Shotgun Professional.
Bring the touch of high quality Super-VGA to your online service or BBS.
Everything is included that you would normally pay extra for:

    Front End Mailer Software
    TIC File Echo Processor
    Echomail processor
    Multiple Interface (SVGA/ANSI/TTY/RIP)
    Shotgun GUI Editor included!
    XModem/YModem/ZModem and much much more!
    Requires 540k of RAM, 1024k of EMS/XMS, SVGA monitor & mouse.

Gunshot on GitHub

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