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Renegade is a freeware bulletin board system (BBS) written for IBM PC-compatible computers running MS-DOS that gained popularity among hobbyist BBSes in the early to mid 1990s. It was originally written by Cott Lang in Pascal, based on the source code of Telegard, which was in turn based on the earlier WWIV.

Up until recently Renegade was a closed source project.  Due to a falling-out the source to version Y2Ka2 was released in September 2005, so in early 2013 when someone said "Hey, you should try porting that to Windows", I did!

Shortly after I ported the old Y2Ka2 version the current holder of the Renegade source released it to the public, so I have now also ported v1.19 as well.

This is the extent of my involvement with the project though -- any feature requests / bug reports should be submitte at the official Renegade BBS webpage: renegadebbs.info

Renegade v1.19 on GitHub

Renegade Y2Ka2 on GitHub


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