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Legend of the Red Dragon II

Legend of the Red Dragon II was kind of a realtime graphical multiplayer mud done completely in ANSI. You could see other players moving around and touch them to fight or trade items. It had hundreds of screens and tons of storyline. Many 'new worlds' were created using the scripting language.

The game was originally an RTSoft door written by Seth A. Robinson.  It was later sold to Metropolis GamePort, who haven't done much with it since, and are pretty unresponsive to fans of the old RTSoft doors.

Since GamePort has been unresponsive, and since the bulk of the LORD2 logic is contained in plain text script files, I have decided to try to recreate the scripting engine using the documentation that comes bundled with LORD2.  Most of the documented features have now been implemented, but there is some undocumented LORD2 specific stuff that will probably have to be trial-and-errored into existence (ie the fight algorithms).

LORD2 on GitHub

Info and screenshots (of the original game) on the RTSoft website

Even more info on the Moby Games website

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