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I've just finished making the first (and most significant) changes to www.RandM.ca in quite some time:

First, and most noticeably, I've moved from a hand-coded site to a site powered by GetSimple CMS.  This should make it MUCH easier for me to keep things up to date around here!  If you check out the Products menu, you'll see a couple entries related to this CMS software (the changes I made to enable multisite management, and the theme I'm using on this site).  One of the bonuses of using this new CMS/theme is that it's VERY mobile friendly, so not that I expect many people will be loading this site on their phone, but if they do, it should hopefully display quite nicely.

Second, and hopefully not noticeably, I've moved to a new web host.  There was nothing wrong with my previous host, but it was about 5x as expensive as the one I'm now with so I figured it was worth the time/trouble to switch.

If you run into any problems with the new site, just let me know.

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