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I thought I would mention I updated the navigation bar off to the left (which you probably noticed), but the main purpose of this update is to let you know that yes, I'm still alive, and yes, I'm still working on stuff here. I just finished my last semester of school so hopefully things will be a little less hectic shortly, and I can get back to working on some of my programs again. Stay tuned for updates.

As you can see, I've just uploaded a new layout for R&M. This new layout uses better CSS code for positioning and sizing of the elements on the page, so it'll display properly at any resolution, and with any font size (within reason).

The new layout is also using a little JavaScript to make the navigation bar on the left side of the screen stay visible as you scroll down the page. CSS has positioning tags to do this, but they don't work in Internet Explorer so I decided to use the JavaScript method instead.

I'm not sure I like the way the menu looks (it's kind of plain), so that may change soon. But other than that, I can see this new layout staying for quite some time

P.S  Happy  Canada   Day   eh.

Just uploaded a new copy of MannDoor. No new functionality or anything, I just updated the Virtual Pascal specific units to be compatable with build 279

Chachi (of oddware) has just uploaded v1.0 of his User Feedback door. He wrote it for GameSrv, to give users the ability to communicate with the SysOp.

You can download the file here: feedback.zip

I just uploaded a new version of my old screen saver, Manntrix. It's a "scrolling green characters" type screen saver, and comes with full source code. It'd probably make a good starting point for someone who wants to write their own screen saver.

Just a minor update to point out that the HOWTO page has been added. Thanks to Al Robres for pointing out that it was missing.

If you're reading this, MannSoft is now officially dead. For years I've been typing the name and never given much thought about it, but a couple weeks ago I actually spoke the name aloud in a conversation and everyone looked at me like I had two heads. It turns out that most people seem to think MannSoft is a better name for a gay porn site than for a software company, and since I'd already been pondering the idea of ditching the MannSoft name, this just helped make the decision for me.

And this is where R&M comes in. It can either be spoken aloud as "R and M Software", or if you put the "R" and "and" and "M" together it resembles the word "Random", so I'll probably pronounce it as "Random Software". It's not really any catchier than MannSoft was, but at least it doesn't have the gay porn site euphemism!

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