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I've just uploaded a new version of MannDoor, v6.06.15. It contains changes submitted by Michael Preslar as well as some fixes to enable FreePascal v2.0.0 compatability. I also released a small utility the other day called R&M GetVersionEx(). It was just something I used to find out what the GetVersionEx() API function returned on various versions of Windows. Pretty useless, but it was written in Delphi without using the FORMS unit, so it may be a good example for other people who want to write a program this way. (Not using the FORMS unit means you interact with the Windows API directly. The benefit is that your compiled .EXE size is miniscule in comparison to the FORMS enabled version of the program, the drawback is that it's quite a bit more work. It's cool to try at least once though.) And for those wondering, progress on GameSrv has been a lot better this past month or so. I'm moving in a few weeks so that'll interrupt things for a bit, but once we're settled hopefully I'll be able to keep up the progress and get something useable released!

Just uploaded a new copy of MannDoor. No new functionality or anything, I just updated the Virtual Pascal specific units to be compatable with build 279 Chachi (of oddware) has just uploaded v1.0 of his User Feedback door. He wrote it for GameSrv, to give users the ability to communicate with the SysOp. You can download the file here: feedback.zip

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