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Apparently I've been ignoring my news page here! Since my last update, these new releases have taken place: Usurper v0.23a GameSrv v13.02.05 fTelnet v12.08.29 In addition to those releases, I've created an account on GitHub and released the source to some R&M software, as well as ported some other DOS BBS related software to Windows: GameSrv -- A BBS door game server for Windows and Linux written in C# Gunshot -- 32bit port of Shotgun BBS Professional version 2 alpha 10 PDDNS -- A dynamic DNS client supporting multiple service providers (DtDNS, Dyn, NoIP, Point) Renegade -- 32bit port of Renegade Y2Ka2. This is a port of the old Y2Ka2 version that Jeff Herrings released in 2005 RG119SRC -- 32bit port of Renegade v1.19. This is a port of the newest version of Renegade still under development by T.J McMillen RMLib -- Nonvisual support classes used by multiple R&M Software programs RMLibUI -- Visual support classes/components used by multiple R&M Software programs Usurper -- 32bit port of Usurper BBS door game. The source for this used to be hosted on SourceForge, but I've now moved it to GitHub I really need to implement a way to keep this site up to date when news releases are made on one of my other sites!

Yep, I've changed the layout again. I stole this one from (you guessed it) OSWD. It'll need to be tweaked a little since it doesn't handle font size changes very well, but it's a great start. In other news, I'm working on GameSrv again (yay!). The bad news is, I'm starting from scratch (again!). It's not because I've lost the source, which is the usual reason, but because I've decided I really don't like Borland C++ Builder very much afterall. So the new version is back in Borland Delphi, and it's looking great. I found some nice tutorials on building hybrid Normal + Interactive Service applications, so it'll run normally on Win9x systems, and as a system service on NT* systems (as any good server should). I'm swamped with my new job (check out bmjupdates.mcmaster.ca to see one of the projects I work on - it's free to sign up, but probably only interesting to health professionals) and in the process of moving, so development is slow, but with any luck there will be an '05 release for sure! ;-)

Just uploaded a new copy of MannDoor. No new functionality or anything, I just updated the Virtual Pascal specific units to be compatable with build 279 Chachi (of oddware) has just uploaded v1.0 of his User Feedback door. He wrote it for GameSrv, to give users the ability to communicate with the SysOp. You can download the file here: feedback.zip

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