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Apparently I've been ignoring my news page here! Since my last update, these new releases have taken place: Usurper v0.23a GameSrv v13.02.05 fTelnet v12.08.29 In addition to those releases, I've created an account on GitHub and released the source to some R&M software, as well as ported some other DOS BBS related software to Windows: GameSrv -- A BBS door game server for Windows and Linux written in C# Gunshot -- 32bit port of Shotgun BBS Professional version 2 alpha 10 PDDNS -- A dynamic DNS client supporting multiple service providers (DtDNS, Dyn, NoIP, Point) Renegade -- 32bit port of Renegade Y2Ka2. This is a port of the old Y2Ka2 version that Jeff Herrings released in 2005 RG119SRC -- 32bit port of Renegade v1.19. This is a port of the newest version of Renegade still under development by T.J McMillen RMLib -- Nonvisual support classes used by multiple R&M Software programs RMLibUI -- Visual support classes/components used by multiple R&M Software programs Usurper -- 32bit port of Usurper BBS door game. The source for this used to be hosted on SourceForge, but I've now moved it to GitHub I really need to implement a way to keep this site up to date when news releases are made on one of my other sites!

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